Top level management - CEOs, Managing Directors and General Managers, Purchase Managers, Senior Buyers, Procurement Managers, Marketing Managers, Human Resource Managers, Account Managers.

"On behalf of Noor Dubai Advertising & Publicity, we would like to take this opportunity to express our heartfelt thank you. Our company was extremely satisfied with the exhibition result and it was a great experience. We thank you  for all generous contribution towards us. I hope we would keep our communication lines open for every issue that concerns our business. Thank you once again, and more power!!" 

Ehab Nour

Project Manager

"Gifts & Premiums Dubai has given me a platform where I can showcase my products to the international market. I got to meet amazing corporate associates and received amazing feedback and ideas for future." 

Ms. Prachi Rana


"It was a superb show. Made some new business relationship. We were able to showcase and advertise our product lines." 

Adrian Torres


"A good show for us. Good quality crowd and a great platform to connect with potential buyers."

Jinoj George

Business Development Manager