Established in 2004 as a home grown brand in the United Arab Emirates, Jasani LLC has been on an incredible growth story becoming one of the main market leaders in 2008,  and to this day represent an impressive array of global brands such as Philips, Moleskine, XDDESIGN, Otto Hutt, Santhome and Hans Larsen.  

As the Middle East’s only member of the International Partnership for Premiums and Gifts (IPPAG), they have unprecedented access to professionals from around the world allowing them access to a wealth of knowledge on trends and compliances within the industry. A large number of their products are also eco-friendly, biodegradable and recyclable, keeping in line with the UAE’s on-going drive towards becoming more sustainable.

Mr. Biren Jasani, Managing Director of Jasani LLC, believes that when it comes to setting out his sales strategy for the year, or even two years, ahead that trade exhibitions play a very important role in reaching their strategic growth plans and targets.

“We are a leader in wholesale business, and run online shopping portals for multinational blue chip companies such as Siemens – with others signing on in the coming months” commented Mr. Jasani.

“Taking part in trade shows such as Gifts & Premiums allows us to interact with and gauge the market, or expand their portfolio and act accordingly to meet that company’s objectives” he added.

Jasani ensures that whenever participating in a trade event, proper preparation is done in the months leading up to the show. His top 2 tips for making the most out of an exhibition are:

  • To heavily promote their presence to their clients through mailers and other marketing techniques.
  • They maximise their return on investment (ROI) by immediately setting up meetings and follow ups with potential leads they had met at the show.

Established in Qatar (Doha) in 2001, Gulcrafts is a high end award and gift production company. Coming from a three generation family business, the company’s attention to detail, coupled with top tier level craftsmanship, has allowed them to become one of the industry leaders who consistently deliver the most intricate designs that meet international standards. The company is now operational in the UAE and is further expanding to reach other GCC countries.  

Speaking exclusively to Gifts & Premiums, Mr. Harout Bedoyan, Managing Director, believes that exhibiting in trade shows is a perfect opportunity to connect and build relationship with new prospects and customers.

“Exhibitions play a direct role in increased sales since it provides a perfect platform to meet key people in the industry. It’s also a good opportunity to market our business face to face, something that is vital in an industry like ours which revolves around personalisation.”

According to Gulcrafts, one of the most important things to do before participating in any exhibition is to plan. So what does a properly prepared pre-show schedule look like? A bit like this; 

  • Carefully consider the line of items they you plan to showcase at the event.
  • Make sure that the entire booth and displays will project the branding and prestige of the company.
  • Get in touch with all your clients once you have confirmed participation and keep them up to date on how to find you and, what you will be showcasing.
  • If you have the available budget, take some form of sponsorship. This gives your company additional exposure before, during and after the event.  

This, they believe, puts them in a far better position to ensure a decent ROI on their participation, and allows them to effectively manage meeting their customers while at the show. Once they successfully wrap up an exhibition, one of the most important last and final steps is to go through all of the business cards collected while onsite, and then follow up with the quality leads that could form possible partnerships.

2016 will be the fourth consecutive year that Gulfcrafts are taking part at Gifts & Premiums Dubai. The range of products that they plan to exhibit are VIP and luxury gift items and awards.

  • Tell us a little about your role in the organisation?

As Brand Director and Head of Corporate Communications for Alsayegh Media, my role - amongst other things - is to identify, brainstorm and purchase giveaways for our guests, teams and the media.


  • Why do you think corporate gifting is still so important?

Corporate Gifting allows you to send a piece of you back with your guests. In today’s world, everyone is busy and while our guests may have a wonderful experience while visiting our agency, we want them to remember us when they leave. By sending them away with a little token, they have the opportunity to remember us and what we stand for. I also strongly believe in corporate gifting for internal teams. We ask a lot of our teams every single day, and it is important to take care of them first. Corporate gifting reminds them that they are an important piece of the bigger puzzle, and that each and every one of them matter.


  • What kind of products do you look for while sourcing for any event/activity?

We’ve all been there on Christmas morning where we open up a present only to find something a bit absurd and then have to pretend (through over-exaggerated grins) that we absolutely love that crocheted sweater our aunt made for us! That is the feeling that I aim to avoid when it comes to gifting our clients and guests. I always look for 'cool' things: items that are innovative, useful, unique and never cheesy.

Customised pieces and hand-made items are always extremely appreciated. I love the idea of showcasing local businesses as well: there is no shortage of talent in the UAE. How about forgoing the usual USB and instead finding a local designer who creates custom jewellery? Then type up the nice story of her muse, drop it into a gorgeous black box and garnish with your companies' branded ribbon for just the right touch.

Once I find that one-of-a-kind piece, my next question is whether it fits into my budget and if it can be branded. With all my suppliers, I tend to build a relationship and work with the same people again. This allows me to be efficient since my partner understands my motivations and aesthetic, and won’t recommend pieces aren’t in-line with our brand. They’re so used to working with me now that before I’ve even sent them a brief for an upcoming festive season, they’ve sent me the latest pieces within my style, that can be branded, and which our guests would love!


  • Can you share a memory of a promotional gifting campaign that had the most impact?

I’ve recently experienced two wonderful corporate gifting experiences that made an impact.

1. For Valentine’s Day, our agency decided to forego giving roses to only female employees and instead we created heart-shaped cookies that said "Love AM". The packaging was simple: cellophane wrapping with some branded pink ribbon. But it all came together in such a cute way that everyone absolutely loved it. Most of our team Instagramed it (and that’s saying a lot when you’re close to 150 employees) and a few have still kept it in their cellophane wrapping. The best gifts are the ones that catch-you off guard. Coming to work in the morning to find a small cookie is just a reminder that each and every member of our team is loved and valued.

2. We were invited to attend The Radiophoria Awards which recognises achievements in radio advertising. Upon leaving, they gave each guest a digital radio that was fashioned to look like an antique stereo system. At the giveaway table they had an array of colour options, and different styles from various eras. This allowed us to choose one that would work with the décor and colourscheme of our homes. The branding was minimal which ensured it didn’t look like ‘free swag.’ Today, the radio sits on my credenza and I think of the wonderful event every time I see it. It matches my décor, has an interesting aesthetic and is actually functional! I’m proud to display it and I use it every single day!

  • Would you say that clients, employees or stakeholders are the most receptive to gifting?

Everybody loves a gift! I sent one today to one of the largest tech companies in the world and immediately got an email back thanking me. One of our partners recently introduced a new person for me to work with, she showed up last week with a box of cupcakes with my initials on it! It was such a wonderful and humbling surprise. We are in the world of building relationships and nothing creates a more meaningful impact than a corporate gift customised to the person you are sending it to. 

  • What do you think has been the biggest change that has taken place within the gifting industry over the past few years?

Long ago, the corporate gifting world was very simple: A notebook, USB and (on a good day) a keychain. Things then moved into tech innovation and the hottest item was a solar panel that could charge your phone. Unfortunately, many of these were mass-produced and of questionable quality. The initial excitement of trying a cool gadget quickly fell short when the item stopped working after a few uses. Since then, we as an agency have moved into giving form, function or a combination of both. Decorative pieces like trophies and bottle-ships that can be kept on ones desk reminds our guest of who we are without fear of it not working.

It’s also important that these gifts look interesting, share a story and be something a millennial would be proud to showcase. A vintage twist always creates character and adds a touch of beautiful nostalgia to the receiver.

I’ve always been a creative first, and as such – packaging has always had a very special place in my heart. Far too often, people forget this when it comes to corporate gifting; my philosophy is simple: if it’s a gift, it should look like a gift! A nice box wrapped in high grade paper, laced in branded ribbon adds that touch of elegance. And who doesn’t love a good story? Instead of going the traditional route, what if you peeled back the cover to find the story of how the piece was made and where it comes from printed on delicate tissue paper? Brands have gone away from shouting about themselves through a megaphone, and instead opt to be storytellers. It’s about time corporate gifting took the same approach.

  • What is the best advice you would give a new buyer/ corporate marketer who’s looking to source new products to make a greater impact.

First off - don't send anything that could possibly not work after a few uses. Instead, opt for something that has more authenticity. Send a decorative mantle-piece that the receiver would like to showcase, or a customised item that can’t be purchased from a shop in the mall. Find out everything you can about them, if they grew up in another part of the world – send them a basket of nostalgic candy and crisps that they would have grown up with. If you know a creative, get something made for their office or home in just the right colours; or in a pinch send a box of cupcakes from the trendiest bakery with their initials on it or their favourite flowers. A little research goes a long way, and taking those extra few minutes to get to know your client is immensely important and rewarding.

Try to stay away from stationary that screams your brand. And if you are going to – be sure it’s of optimum quality. What kind of paper-grade or mug-finishing would you want associated with your brand? (The answer is always 350 gsm or more, and matte)