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When Gifts & Premiums Dubai was launched by Informa, we invested in researching the industry and discovered very little information and knowledge was available. Given that gift-giving is very popular and culturally significant in the GCC region and neighbouring countries, we've taken it upon ourselves to conduct interviews, gain insight and bring to you the most relevant news and industry information.

This content will keep you updated with the latest trends in corporate gifting and show you how your peers are successfully using promotional gifts to boost their business. You will also find tips and ideas on what to gift your clients, employees or loved ones on various occasions to keep them happy. 

We hope you enjoy the read!

Informa's take on corporate gifting

We talk about how beneficial corporate gifting and promotional products have been to Informa Exhibitions and how we practice what we preach. more

Pokemania's Positive Impact on Merchandise Sales

Power banks have been flying off the shelves all over the world, thanks to Pokémon Go. Due to this craze, a huge spike in the sales of higher capacity more

An Integral Part of Rio's Olympic Success

Another classic case study of the Olympic Games, where the licencing and retail team believed that promotional products were an important instrument i more

A Coffee Lover's Delight

We bring to you a few gifting options that we think would woo your friends or colleagues who are coffee lovers. more

The Evolution Of Brand Merchandising

Branded merchandise was known to originate in 1885. Jasper Meek a printing press owner came up with a brilliant idea to print advertising messages on more

Toying Around With Promotional Merchandise

Did you know that the movie industry derives USD 16 billion annually on licensed merchandise? Did you also know that 40 percent of movie merchandise i more

Sports Merchandise — A Billion Dollar Business

Big sports leagues have now taken great strides to turn themselves into global lifestyle brands only to please their die-hard fans. Sports merchandise more

Are Your Corporate Gifts Missing the Mark?

This month we bring you an exclusive Q&A session with Zamin Dharsi, Brand Director, Head of Corporate Communications of Alsayegh Media. Here’s his more

The Most Common Gifting Merchandise Used for Employee Rewards & Recognition

Here’s an infographic we created from the Incentive Research Foundation’s annual incentives survey results. It shows the most commonly used non-cash r more

Employee Incentives - Gifting's Third Dimension

Over 40 billion dollars is annually spent on incentive programs by American companies alone! According to data from the Incentive Research Foundation more

Smart Gift Ideas This Earth Day

Earth Day is more than just a single day — April 22. Today, more than 1 billion people now participating in Earth Day activities, making it the large more

Cultural And Ethical Considerations Before Gifting Your Clients

Corporate gifting is an integral tool in the marketing communication mix. It enhances your corporate image and also helps build goodwill. However, the more

How Do You Plan To Impress Your Clients This World Health Day And Earth Day?

There's a growing buzz about wellness and eco friendly wearables in the industry and more organisations now choose to incentivise their clients and em more

5 Tips To Help You Maximise Your Gifting ROI

Are you looking to reward your client with a corporate gift as part of your sales promotion or marketing strategy? If so, we have put together a few h more

Make Your Mother Feel Special This Mother's Day

"When you are a mother, you are never really alone in your thoughts. A mother always has to think twice, once for herself and once for her child." - S more

5 Exclusive Gifts To Give On Women's Day

Remember that as a woman, all life springs from you. So look at the world and smile. For without you, there would be no life. Here are 5 beautiful ide more

When Was The Last Time You Received A Package In The Office Which Wasn't From Your Local Bank?

Do you remember the days when every desk in your office was covered with personalised calendars, branded mouse pads and stacks of mugs with comical sl more

Gifting Is Much More Cost Effective Than You Thought

Now you may think that it's expensive to gift every client something unique and interesting. Well, not really! If it's cleverly planned and efficientl more

The Power Of Promotional Gifting

Take a good look around you in your office. Did you notice a colleague's mug with a brand logo. Did you notice that employee of the month award sittin more